Welcome at your first real CLEAN shave!

The first ECO razor

Our vision: a bathroom without plastic waste.

Our mission: we eliminate 100% of plastic waste in shaving by 2022,

For the first real CLEAN shave.

Hightech meets sustainability




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"Sustainability means for us: Reducing plastic and not replacing on type of plastic with another"

Currently "alternative plastic" is on everyone's lips. Plastics made from corn starch, potatoes and many other raw materials are sold as "biodegradable". What sounds good unfortunately often has a catch...

Because biodegradable mostly does not mean compostable. Such materials can usually only be decomposed in industrial composting plants and therefore end up back in our household trash. Moreover, biodegradable materials behave in the sea like conventional plastic: decomposition takes forever.

So what's the solution? Our approach is:
LESS PLASTIC instead of other plastic.

So we at ecoSHAVE have set out to replace plastic with recycled wood. A wonderful new raw material has emerged.

And...how clean is your shave?


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